Reach Your 100

What's in it for me, if I choose to join ReachYour100?

Do you need more information before you decide to join the Team Type 1 Reach Your 100 campaign?

Here are 8 reasons why the ReachYour100 campaign is worth the $25 sign-up fee.

1. Personal body age before and after the campaign - How young can your body get in 4 weeks?

We have designed a digital health assessment tool that calculates the current age of your body compared to your real age. The assessment consists of 30 lifestyle questions. You will receive your personal body age at the start of the four weeks and will complete the assessment again at the end of the campaign to track your improvement. More than 250,000 people have had their body age measured and they average a 2.2-year body age reduction at the end of the four weeks.

2. A personal point goal - Your personal 100% and you will know exactly what to do to get healthier!

Along with your calculated body age comes your daily personal point goal. This is the number of healthy points you aim to collect every day during the challenge. If your body age is older than your actual age, you receive a lower personal point goal. If your body age is younger than your actual age, you will get a higher personal point goal. This levels the playing field and makes everyone able to compete regardless of current health habits.

3. Four weeks of healthy habit training - We help you stick to new and healthier habits. And it works!

We support you through four healthy weeks by gamifying your health. If you are trying to improve your lifestyle, but find it hard to keep motivated for more than a couple of days, then this campaign is for you. We normally have on average 75 percent daily reporting and completion of our campaigns.

4. Four unique health themes for you to focus on - Health is more than just exercise. Find what works for you!

Every week presents a new challenge for you to conquer and overcome with your teammates. The themes relate to nutrition, exercise, and sleep and will help you make lasting healthy changes. You will become aware of the little changes you can make it lifestyle to improve your health over time.

5. Access to professional health experts - No more guesswork. Get the facts straight once and for all!

You get access to professional experts for advice on nutrition, exercise and sleep every day during the campaign. Every expert has a personal wall, like on Facebook, for you to visit and ask questions or read other member's questions and the expert's answers.

6. A personal certificate - Invest 4 weeks in your own health and get documentation for your results!

When you successfully complete the four-week campaign by reporting daily and completing the initial and final health assessment, then you can download a personal certificate of completion signed by our experts and Phil Southerland.

7. Win great prizes - You don't have to be fast or strong to win in this campaign. You just have to participate!

Every week we battle for great Team Type 1 prizes. You don't have to be the fastest or the strongest to win. You simply have to complete the weekly challenge to be in the running for the prizes. The overall prize will be won by a member who has successfully reported every day, kept his or her personal index at 100% or better, and have an improved body age after the four-week campaign. Is this final winner you? Can you make it through this four-week challenge and reach your 100%?

8. All in all - Become a healthier version of yourself and make your body 2,2 years younger!

So, this is what you get for $25. You become a healthier version of yourself. If you successfully complete the Reach Your 100 campaign, you may make your body 2.2 years younger. For every dollar you invest in this campaign, your body could become 25 days younger! What's not to like?