Reach Your 100

Reach Your 100 | Frequently Asked Questions

You have a lot of questions. We have tried to provide answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about the ReachYour100 campaign?

This campaign is special because it is so much more than a fundraising campaign. In addition to supporting the Team Type 1 Foundation's Global Ambassador program for young collegiate athletes competing with type 1 diabetes, you get something back - four weeks of gamified health challenges and a healthier version of yourself. It is fun. It is easy. It is great for you - and you give back to the diabetes community.

Can I join without being diabetic?

Yes - every single person on earth can join and become a healthier version of him or herself. This campaign is for everybody. The funds go to support the Team Type 1 Foundation and its global mission to education, empowerment and equal access to medicine for everyone affected by diabetes.

Can my entire family join, or do you need to be a certain age?

ReachYour100 is the perfect campaign for the entire family, workplace or local community, no matter age, gender or location. You can even buy prepaid codes to use as gifts or surprises for loved ones. You can also create your own team and invite your Facebook friends to join.

Do I need to be athletic to join?

No - you can participate no matter what your current physical abilities. Everybody is competing in the challenge based on their current lifestyle habits. If you are already healthy, you will have to work even harder to get healthier. If you have even more room for improvement, ReachYour100 is the perfect place to introducing more healthy habits into your life.

How do I sign up?

All you need to sign up is an e-mail. Your e-mail acts as your unique identifier. So each e-mail address can only be used by one profile.

  • You go to and click the "Sign up for Reach Your 100" button
  • Enter your e-mail and wait for confirmation and further instructions (or sign up with facebook)
  • Accept the general terms (disclaimer)
  • Enter your profile data and choose a team to join (or create your own)
  • Pay by credit card or enter your prepaid code (you can also buy extra tickets or donate extra to TT1)
  • You are logged in and receive a payment receipt and a welcome e-mail from Phil Southerland
Do I have to join a team?

Every participant needs to join a team. You can join one of the pre-made teams or create your own team. Teams can be password protected so only those you invite can join and access your team.

How do I pay to join?

Payment is done as a step during the sign-up process at

How do you calculate my personal body age?

Over many years, we've developed our digital health assessment tool based on 30 lifestyle questions. Your answer to each question affects your body age calculation. Your body age is based on current lifestyle habits such as nutrition, alcohol, smoking, restitution, mental focus, social skills, and physical activity.

How do I collect healthy points?

Starting November 7, you can download the campaign's point system. The point system consists of 16 parameters that provide either a plus or minus point for the day.

Do I have to visit the website to report my points or can I download an app?

Starting November 7, you can download the ReachYour100 app for Android or IOS. You can complete all your reporting and digital health assessment through the app. Additionally, there will be a panel of experts to answer any of your questions, recipes and you Reach Your 100 wall to keep everyone engaged and motivated. Even more features are available at

What changes can I expect to achieve in just 4 weeks?

The biggest change you can expect is seeing how small adjustments can lead to major results. You will be able to fine-tune your lifestyle based on your current habits. Over 250,000 members have completed previous four-week challenges, and we routinely see people finishing with a body age that is 2.2 years younger than where they started.

What have other accomplished in a campaign like this?

ReachYour100 is not a diet or a quick fix. The habits you learn during this campaign are meant to be lifestyle changes. We know that 70% of previous participants have maintained or improved on these lifestyle changes when we check in with them 12 months later.

How can I win the campaign?

The overall winner of the ReachYou100 campaign is determined through a drawing of participants who manage to report every day during the four weeks. They also must maintain a 100% index and finish the campaign with a younger body age in their final digital health assessment. The winner will be announced December 21st.

What prizes are at stake?

Every week, Team Type 1 merchandise is up for grabs but we are keeping the grand prize a secret. Stay tuned for more information.

How do you plan to spend the money from the sign-up fee?

For every 100 people signing up at, the Team Type 1 Foundation will award one additional student-athlete scholarship in 2018 through its Global Ambassador program. The remaining percent covers the 7peaks app and support throughout the campaign.